Rising Waters

risingwaters_ozerI recently went to see a fantastic photographic exhibit on Governor’s Island, in the NYC harbor. The exhibition documented the impact of Hurricane Sandy on various communities in New York. Images from the exhibition can be found on the ICP’s Rising Waters site.

There were a huge number of powerful images here dramatizing the impact of climate change on NYC. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the exhibition, however, was a video by South African photographer Gideon Mendel. From his Drowning World project, the video – titled Living With Floodwaters – portrays people in Thailand going about their daily business in a city that has been inundated by four feet or so of floodwater. It’s a surreal set of images, but they bring home the daily tragedy faced by many living in the global South as climate change hits home.

Here is one of the Living With Floodwaters videos:

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  1. Ann Dawson

    W O W It is difficult to think properly after that M


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